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oh fudge!


Melted was founded in 2016 by two friends who share the same love and passion for food. It all started when they were experimenting in the kitchen and came up with delicious and mouthwatering brownies. The response of friends and family to these treats was overwhelmingly positive, and thus they thought it was only fair to share these badass babies with the rest of the world!


Over the past year, Melted has been a part of many successful events in Jeddah, and has been featured in Destination Jeddah magazine as well as The Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh magazine.


The delectables are packed in glass jars that seal the flavor for several days. Each jar has its own label displaying the ingredients and is personalized with the customer's name.


You can order our brownies through Lugmety App or through Whatsapp. You can also find our products at Crate Store @crate.ksa.

“a brownie a day keeps the frownies away.” 


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